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Aiding animal charities is a permanent part of my life. 

A cat in the leukemia ward at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah.
A puppy at The Soi Dog Foundation in Phuket, Thailand

I have volunteered at animal sanctuaries, both in the U.S. and abroad.


The more success I have professionally, the more I can contribute to our four-legged friends and the sanctuaries where they live.​

A baby elephant friend of mine at the Phuket Animal Sanctuary in Thailand

Where did this life thing start for me?

I was born in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. My lifelong passion for reading started — and I advise against this—by devouring Bram Stoker’s Dracula as a 3rd grader.

Doing so ignited two things:  

1 - a permanent love of books and...

2 - the habit of wiping garlic on

my bedroom window each night.

My first little league sport was baseball which I loved, and still do.  When pitchers started throwing curveballs, reality set in and my pride nudged me to try something else.

I moved on to wrestling and football and that combo paid my way through college.


After a remarkably mediocre collegiate career, in which my knee surgeries outnumbered my total of tackles, I graduated with a Bachelor's degree.

I then reveled in a 25 year career as a history teacher and high school head coach.

I worked with many amazing students and my experience in education was really fantastic.

Along the way I finished my Masters degree, attained a certification from the Institute of Children's Literature, ran a dozen marathons (maybe 13), coached state champions, was humbled by a leadership award and began struggling with a formidable addiction to pizza.

Yet, the sand pours through everyone's hourglass without pause.

Each day, we are the oldest we have ever been and the youngest we'll ever be. I did not want to assume I had a certain amount of time guaranteed to me so I left that career for other ambitions. 

I seized this window of life to begin a speaking career and write six books in a year.


I feel completely at home when I am on stage.


I love taking an audience on journeys that oscillate between the joy of laughter and the impact of powerful stories.


I look forward to doing that for your audience as well.​​

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