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I am glad you plan to read Your GPS to Happiness and I am confident you will enjoy it. I am willing to bet there is no other book in this genre that mentions Yoda, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals, petting tigers and ancient once-white-now-yellow fraternity t-shirts while also serving up legitimate ideas and advice for living a happier life.

Your GPS To Happiness presents 17 ways people can improve their overall happiness. Bouncing between comedy, overcoming the authors own personal sadness and a wide-variety of idea’s, thoughts, outlooks and strategies, Your GPS To Happiness will make readers laugh, nod their head in agreement and see life for what it is; a nutty, unpredictable journey.

Each chapter presents a new focus and there is something that will appeal to nearly every reader.

Chapters include:

Be a Better Yoda
Your Tombstone
The Windshield
Conquer It
The Worst Advice Ever
The Most Important Answer

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