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That is a very good question and you’ll find out inside this book. You’ll also read about a very unusual type of t-shirt (don’t try this at home please), how your scale is not being completely honest with you, the most important question you must answer in a fitness journey and, of course, why eating science experiments isn’t a good idea.

Chicken Apes and Body Shapes will have you laughing while also providing a basic understanding about why the human body works the way it does. A blend of the authors personal experiences, along with his many certifications in the athletic coaching world, Chicken Apes and Body Shapes presents some painful but always useful facts about improving your physical condition.

Topics include:

1 – eating healthier
2 – losing weight
3 – how scales can be deceiving
4 – the atmosphere of public gyms
5 – a multitude of tips to help you in live a healthier, happier life.

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